Project One Stage 2 Exercise 3 & 4 – Making Marks in an expressive way

exercise 3 1 

1st row Doily cut up over black paper/Oil paint rolled onto paper/Old photograph of a bald head, scratched and drawn into/White crepe paper with black marker pens

2nd row Brown Paper with black marker pen/Black emulsion paint rolled onto paper/Labels positioned and drawn over/Crepe paper drawn with black marker pen

3rd row ‘Cobweb’ made with masking fluid and painted over with gold ink/Old photograph cropped with gold and black marker pen/Old photograph with gold marker pen/Brown paper, with black marker pen 

Exercise 3 2

1st row Emulsion paint onto paper/Metallic paint put onto paper using grapes/Oil painted onto paper and rolled/Rubbing of a cheese grater
2nd row Oil painted onto paper and rolled rubbing of a pineapple tin/corrugated card rubbed with wax crayon/oil paint rolled onto paper
3rd Row oil painted onto paper/Paint is used with gold metallic paint/watercolour paint sprayed/Gold hammerite and black emulsion

Exercise 3 3

1st Row
Red crayon rubbed onto a cheese grater/Pink sugar paper drawn with red and blue biro/Crayons rubbed over with black wax crayon and scratched/Oil rolled onto paper
2nd row
Rubbing of my fireplace Another rubbing of the fireplace/Purple crepe paper with dots of metallic paint made with a grape/Watercolour paint onto watercolour paper
Bottom row
Tyvek ironed and painted/Oil rolled onto paper/Oil rolled onto paper/Was ironed onto paper

exercise 3 4

1st row Coin rubbing/Coins were rubbed over paper/Silver paper was drawn with black pen and then blue metallic paint/Tissue paper bleached and drawn with silver marker pen

2nd row Tissue paper was sprayed with bleach Handmade paper was used and stars ‘drawn’ with bleach and pen bleach sprayed onto tissue paper and then drawn Brown paper was splashed with metallic paint into

Bottom row Black marker was drawn onto card and then metallic circles were drawn into An old photograph was cut and rearranged on paper/Lined paper was doodled on/Torn paper arranged on paper and sprayed with bleach

This exercise was a little challenging, deciding which materials to use first.
The crayon rubbings were not too successful, however when using pencil, this proved to be quite effective and gave a better tone. Wax resist was interesting I think it was because the effect was unexpected and something i will possibly use in the future. Printing was simple and unpredictable which again this is something to pursue at a later date. Bleaching, i did enjoy, its effect on different materials, produces differing marks. I have used this on velvet in the past with amazing results, which takes the colour from fabric and then stitched into the velvet. However, I found that if it wasn’t ‘old’ velvet the effect could not be achieved. The fixative transfer was quite successful and worth exploring.

I am not a big fan of stencils, having done many on my children’s bedroom walls. However saying that they were quite successful and I found that if you use them under paper and rub with a crayon, charcoal or another media,  it gives a successful result. The crayon scratch didn’t work too well, however if I had used wax crayon the effect would have been a lot better. I remember a technique from my childhood, where crayon was used and a black wax crayon was overlaid. This was then cutback, very very effective and this would produce some interesting results in a textiles piece.

I found the collage very therapeutic, the overlaying allowed for more depth within the picture. This could be used in building up a ‘texture’.

I didnt manage to do the Combing or Fixative transfer (couldnt get it in worcester) I will try and get on internet as this seems interesting.



About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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