Project One Stage 4 Working from your sketchbooks


Using an advertisement for Wee Willie Winkie sausages I like the dark and light of the image and of the subject matter. With this in mind, I created the drawing.


The original drawing was further explored and produced some interesting results. Ones that could be drawn upon in later exercises.


In summing up my work so far. The exercises have proved useful and has resulting in many ‘accidents’ where a new idea has formed. In starting this course, I have become more aware of the varying colours and textures around. On a trip to our local pub by the river, I was aware of various range of colours of green, blue and the tonal value of the river. Quite enlightening.

Have you ever thought about drawing this way before?
I doodle nearly everyday, and often make patterns. However, this had increased my knowledge and given me scope to explore things further. I have also attended numerous courses over the years, starting with a painting class. This was interesting, but didn’t fulfil the ideas I had. I have attended various textile courses and produced some interesting work. Doing the mark making it has widened my view on marks that I thought I knew and ones that I didn’t! I tend to draw circles and swirls which I feel that I feel comfortable with. Often if my mood is not so good. I tend to make harder marks and lines.

Were you able to be inventive about the range of marks you made?
Yes, I think this was very successful. I am very pleased with the way it is progressing. I have explored my kitchen, looking for useful items. Beetroot made an interesting colour, as did coffee. these were used in the stippling and stamping exercise. toothpicks and branches made different but similar marks. An interesting exercise that needs further exploration, it actually showed how many mark making things were around the house without getting off the shelf art supplies.

Did you explore different media?
I experimented with various media, achieving various marks. I like the pastel and charcoal marks, but dislike the feel of the materials.  Various papers were used to obtain differing marks. Newspaper was used to create a tonal picture.

Are you pleased with what you have done? Will it help you to approach drawing more confidently?

I do feel quite happy with the outcome of the exercises, they have given me scope to produce some interesting fabric designs.

Which Exercise did you enjoy? Why?

There were 2 exercises that I enjoyed both equally.

Stage 2

exercise 1 – Making marks in and expressive way. By using the different words, it helped with the initial block of how to start.

exercise 3 – This was exciting to do, to see what effects can be done by the various medium used.

Which media did you most enjoy working with? Why?

My favourite medium is the Biro, red or black. Various tones can be achieved and there is a sense of control. Charcoal produced some interesting results.

Which other forms of mark making could you try?

How will these exercises enrich your textile work in the future?

Using the marks I have made, these can be pushed further and maybe integrated with each other. This would produce very different patterns, and has inspired me to keep pushing the boundaries to see where they take me.






About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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