Project Two Stage 6 Using Thread and Stitch

I chose a photo of a peacock (however when cropped it didn’t save). Using this part of the picture was used to create a textile piece. Using denim and felt as the base. cretan stitch was the main stitch used, the design produced shows a lot of detail and portrayed the picture I had envisaged, although somewhat different to the original.

• Were you able to choose stitches which expressed the marks and lines of your
For the most part yes, however some were a little harder than others.

• Did you choose the right source material to work from?
This was limited I felt and need to work on looking for designs with more ‘texture’.

• Do you think your sample works well irrespective of the drawing? Or is your sample merely a good interpretation of your drawing?
I am extremely happy in the way this has come together. I initially did it with a powder blue background, which was awful and had to redo. I do feel it works better and draws the eye to the picture rather than the background.

• Which did you prefer – working with stitch to create textures or working with yarns to make textures?Which worked best for you and why?
Both in there own ways were interesting and I cant say that either one is better than the other. In fact I think they compliment each other.

• Make some comments on individual techniques and sample pieces. Did you
experiment enough? Did you feel inhibited in any way? Fix them into your sketchbook if you want to or start a separate book of sample references.
The peach sample worked exactly as I had expected. The materials worked, but I think the stitch on the leaves, using the wool, worked more than I had imagined. As it filled the space rather than leaving gaps.

• Do you prefer to work from a drawing or by playing with materials and yarns to
create effects? Which method produced the most interesting work?
• Are there other techniques you would like to try? Are there any samples you would
like to do in a different way?
• Is there anything you would like to change in your work?
yes, I found that I missed an awful lot and on rereading, I had to redo sections. Some materials I probably wouldn’t use in a different way, for example. muslin is not really good as a base to draw on, as the fibres were too loose




About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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