Experiments with printing and painting

Various effects were achieved through printing with different materials and medium. Using an eraser as a block was a little limiting, but the effect was good and easy to do. Using a relief block with string allowed the use of your own design. It did have a limitation of the string absorbing the paint, but was still a useful ‘tool’.

Were you able to mix and match colours accurately?
Overall the colours appeared to ‘work’ together. Occasionally, I felt that more work was needed.
Were you able to use the colour expressively?
This took a while to achieve, but after experimenting and looking at magazines and the internet, this became easier.
Can you now see colour rather than accepting what you think you see? This has been a difficult exercise, as the perception of what you see has been holding me back. But on reflection, as it progressed I became aware of elements, previously missed.
Did you prefer working with watercolours or gouache paints? What was the difference?
Watercolours seemed to be the better media to use as it was unpredictable and showed variation. The Gouache wasn’t easy to use and was a little too harsh in its application.
How successful were the colour exercises in Stage 5? How did they compare to the painting exercises?
The colour exercises were very useful, with different marks and colours, no too pictures were the same. The painting exercise however did show that using colour different variations could be achieved.
Is there anything you would like to change or develop?
The exercises proved invaluable, but I think I have narrowed my options by the theme I have chosen. However overall I was very pleased with the work achieved so far. The Stage 6 exercise was so vibrant and the texture produced was far better than I hoped for. A definite for any future designs!

Masks and stencils were good to use and enabled stippling or blocks of colour. An orange net was a good stencil and produced a good paint surface. I used various materials using metallic paint, acrylic, face blusher, amongst other things.

033 032 031 030

Using various items such as pen top, screw, Jack Daniels bottle and screwdriver, I was able to make some interesting marks.

Hand painting was easy to do and more predictable than printing with an object. Some fabrics did not take the paint as well as others and therefore I was not happy with them. I hated paintsticks as they didn’t paint well on fabric. Not something I would like to use again!


Silk painting has to be my favourite. An amazing technique, where the unpredictability adds to the appeal. The pieces I made, I am extremely happy with. 26422643   2640


Different fabrics were used to apply paint techniques.




2659 2658   2653

this design was  made using a thread spool and card.


Metallic paints were used through orange nets, with good effect.

2648 2647

Bleach was used on velvet and it would be interesting if ‘drawn’ with a sewing machine


About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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