Stage 4 A larger sample



Mixing and matching the colours ‘worked’ together, but feel that more work was needed.

Seeing the actual colour was difficult and held me back. After experimenting it became easier and I became aware of elements, previously missed.

Watercolours was the better medium, as it was unpredictable and showed variation. The Gouache wasn’t easy to use and was a little too harsh in its application.

Stage 5 The colour exercises showed that using different marks and colours, no too pictures were the same. This was the same for the painting exercise and showed that using colour different variations could be achieved. I think I have narrowed my options by the theme I have chosen. Overall I was pleased with the work produced. The Stage 6 exercise was vibrant and texture produced was far better than I hoped for. A definite for any future designs!


The embroidered piece chosen to analyse was hard to identify when it was made due to its age. It was recently acquired

I am presuming it was made in Holland. This is due to the subject matter. There are 2 figures dressed in Dutch dress. I would estimate it was around the turn of the century.It appears to be a dressing table cover. The background is lace with embroidery over. It appears handmade, but on closer inspection, appears to too perfect. This helps to age the piece. It isn’t used, as is too delicate.

It is assumed that it could be for someone upper class. Working class would be more inclined to spend on other things more important. It is possibly for a woman due to the delicate nature of the piece and its intricacy.

Spacial awareness became obvious as I played with ideas. Drawing the eye to various points within a picture. The peacock feather from my sketchbook, initially narrowed my creative thoughts and made me doubt myself. As the project progressed confidence grew enabling me to stretch my imagination. The drawings that have been achieved, gives scope for further adaptations.

The designs chosen were a good basis for further development. The shape was easily adapted as I prefer working with softer lines.

Various fabrics were used. My preference was velvet with Bleach,, leaving an interesting surface that was unpredictable.

The scale of the samples made were proportionate to the design painted. Larger designs would have overpowered the size. Different fabrics used had variations of paint type and density.

The placement of the design worked well and I wouldn’t change it. The negative shapes became obvious, the more the piece was worked on. Contrast and harmony was determined by the shapes and colour used. The other factor was material used. The larger sample felt well balanced and achieved what I had set out to do. Spacing out the individual patterns, worked better than putting them all together, possibly due to the shape of the background. The work could be worked on a smaller scale and possibly this would work better closer together.


About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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