Project 7 A THEME BOOK

This has been a hard decision, as initially, I wanted to explore witchcraft, as I have always had an interest in. However, in the last assignment, the options were limited, so taking witchcraft as inspiration and the reasons behind the use of mushrooms in this religion. Having explored different types, I was drawn to the microscopic spores, but this was again limited. This made me explore the microscopic world, which opened a whole new concept for me. I am amazed by the shapes, colours and total diversity of this unseen kingdom.

Having studied genetics and biochemistry, the microscopic world had been a source of awe having looked at the structure of viruses, which despite being virtually invisible, can be so deadly.

Although I haven’t narrowed the theme to a single item, I feel that ‘life’ seen under the microscope will have the best inspiration that I could have wished for. The only constraint is that I wont be able to draw from primary sources. however with the diverse ‘world’ that is hidden, there are vast possibilities for unusual designs.

I have a number of ideas for future projects using various shapes drawn from Diatoms. Which have amazing structures. But again this may narrow my options if I was just to rely on this due to the source material.


About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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