Project 9 Stage 2/3 Basic Tapestry Weaving Techniques

The first piece of weaving I have ever done and a source of amazement at the simplicity of how fabric is created. The piece is tight and shows strength. It was made on a child’s loom and was time consuming to setup and weave. However, the quality of this compared to some of the other woven samples is far superior.
The second piece made was of a similar quality to the first. It was a very tight weave. Using a thicker wool changed the texture of the weave leading to it being looser in construction. The other difference was the warp showed through and changed the pattern of it.
Leather was used with voile and cotton. The warp shows through and adds to the pattern. Leather was used on both sides, showing the rough and smooth sides receding into the background.
Calico, velvet and sateen (this is presumed as not totally sure) woven with cotton warp yarn. The warp shows through adding dimension. There is contrast between the sheen of the velvet and the dullness of  the calico, which has been noted for further explorations.
Ribbon was woven with coloured wool, mohair, and a thicker wool.
Various techniques were used, such as basic weave, Rya, Soumak, and Ghiordes. By using different stitch formations, varying textures were formed.
Unfortunately this didn’t photograph well. The basic cotton warp is woven with black textured wool, cotton warp, cotton fabric and a piece of tree creeper was embedded into the weave. Using the tree creeper added organic matter giving the sense of it being ‘natural’. The colours chosen also reflects this theme.

The structure of this is cotton warp cotton for the warp. Silver foil is woven through with white and red 2ply wool. The crushed foil reflects light against the almost muted wool.
This did not give the desired effect. Possibly due to the block of colour in middle. It needed more of a contrast. The colours otherwise work.
2 ply wool was used here. This piece showed a lot of texture and movement. It gave a ribbed effect.
2ply wool against cotton warp. The warp is completely hidden due to the density of the wool.



About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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