Assignment 4 – Reflective commentary


Hand twisted cords and braided cords was difficult to do, because instructions weren’t read properly.  But having grasped the technique got carried away with construction. Overall, the results were pleasing with many variations of colour and texture.

Having never done weaving, it was daunting. The initial piece of weaving was on child’s wooden loom which was slow to set up and weave.  However, the effect required for the wooden loom sample showed in its quality (tightness and strength). It was the best sample made.

The card loom sped up the process, however, the woven piece lost its rigidity. And by using different materials, although not as tight, gave a softer quality. The looser weave show different textures, as opposed to the flat surface of the first sample.

Changing the base material, whether cord or wool, altered the size of the warp and gave a furrowed surface. The qualities of the piece changed according to lie of the weave, what materials, used or colours. This has inspired me to research this further, and may use this for my end piece.

There was a good choice of yarn and varying from 2 ply, 3ply, textured or coarser yarns.
It was easier to manipulate thinner wools. Coarser textured wools distorted the warp giving depth and interest. The results of all these pieces, showed surprising results of how weaving can alter a picture into something more tactile and colourful, whilst keeping the ideas of the original. It was stimulating to see the various structures, variations in colours, shape and textures and how colour can change the mood of the image.

The mood board was something not attempted before and was useful for composition. The finished sample reflected colours, but the design was changed to fit in with the original picture. Colour combination through my exploration have improved immensely. However when using my sketchbook, different mediums need to be explored. As its noticed that changing the medium can change the outcome.

Changes to be made, would be to do more preparatory work. Also to choose a picture that has simpler lines, colours and shapes. The image chosen is different from the woven piece as the techniques altered the way it should have been. More practice is needed with this technique and ‘stitching’ chosen more carefully.

Working more intuitively generated ideas easily rather than working from a grid. I wanted the freedom to explore the effects of colour change and shapes created. For example shapes within a shape.

After receiving my feedback from my tutor I decided to re-evaluate my work, going back to basics. I have realised the importance of timetables, to ensure work is on time for the next assignment.




About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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