Can you see a continuous thread of development from your original drawings and samples to the ­final designs?

My last assignment was encouraging and has allowed me to have the confidence to develop and produce a strong body of work, for future reference. I see the progress from the first naive project, in my development of drawings.

Do you feel you made the right decisions at each stage of the design process?

If not, what changes would you make?

The theme chose in the beginning was witchcraft and was a problem due to lack of source material. Having changed theme, the subject still has limited material. In future design work I would consider if the subject has enough source material and how i can use.

Were you able to interpret your ideas well within the techniques and materials you chose to work with?

Techniques used enhanced the images chosen. However some of the samples lacked the qualities that I wished to convey.

How successful is your fi­nal design in terms of being inventive within the medium and coherent as a whole?

I feel the materials were chosen well. But the colour choice was difficult as it had to be narrowed down and would depend for what purpose it was going to be used for. My final design choice is the waistcoat and a box. Both of which are heavily embroidered. i decided to make two items, as i got carried away with the process. I did have a few problems with the design of the box, due to not doing a prototype first.  however, i am extremely pleased with both outcomes that I feel shows my progress has evolved.



About huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.
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