One website visited was by Virginia Koster and shows an embroidered box from a tutorial out of Beginners guide to embroidered boxes by Janet Edmonds.  It is highly décorated and resonates with my own work. I feel this is something that I should try as I enjoy machine embroidery. The choise of colours is something that I have been drawn too and I like the composition of the design.–cushions.html

Deb Cooper influence comes from the nature world. She uses various forms of embellishment to create floral designs. I like the work she does, but feel it is overcomplicated with too many different materials. Although many of my drawings are complex, to replicate my designs they need to be simpler in design. Buttons and sequins have a place in textiles, but feel they should be used sparingly.

Alexander McQueen


I am not sure if these photos are copyright, so I wish to acknowledge the photographer but cant find him or her.

As I am drawn to machine embroidery, the work of alexander McQueen fits in with my way of thinking. I like the way in which he is so controversial in the designs made. For example he was quite particular who wore his designs. He was quite annoyed that victoria beckham wore something, but was quite happy for her husband to. I like the outlandish designs, and as I am drawn to theatrical costume, having made costumes for my children when they were little feel, this is the path I wish to pursue. The cape above is exquisite in the embroidery is organised. As opposed to my work which is a little more random in application.

Catwalk designs are sometimes unwearable for the majority of people and are adapted for high street fashion. However it is well suited to people like Lady Gaga, who has modelled the more obscure costumes. His work has been debated, due to being controversial. However it is well suited to people like Lady Gaga, who has modelled the more obscure costumes.

He caused controversy over the collection Dante, depicted religion by using crosses and angels, however it had satanic overtones. Another collection called Golden showers saw models drenched in ‘rain’ making clothing see through. This nudity and sexual depiction was frowned upon.However as a designer, this added to his popularity.

Another controvertial fashion designer is Vivienne Westwood. She is quite outrageous in her work with it being decribed as wacky. However saying that she has created fashion that is sported by princess kate, who promotes high fashion, copied by the general public. She is known for her passion for recycling, something which I like to do myself.

Note to myself

Critique a photo without looking at the write up and then look at it





Karine Joilet
Traci Beautist
Annette Bruton
Alison Holt
Rosie James figurative drawing
Terry White.
Rebecca J Greenwood
Her work on reach for the Dragon was extremely interesting to its simplicity and effectiveness.
Susan Lenz, contemporary embroidery